Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Tree of Liberty

DEAR READERS, I would like to address the rumors surrounding my identity. They are true. I am writing under a pseudonym. My full name I have never revealed to anyone currently alive save my dogs and my longtime girlfriend, who shall also remain in obscurity. But let that small and necessary deception not detract one iota from the important facts, in opposite order of importance: I am man, I am sixty-one years old, I am a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association, and I am an American Patriot.

LET IT BE KNOWN that I have never once set foot outside the soil of this country and never intend to do so save when the Draft Board, deeming unfit for service all the millennial snowflakes it can find, extends the age limit and calls me to defend our soil and our that of our ally the Republic of China from the onslaught of the Reds. But it is not that looming inevitability, nor the failure of generations of Armed Forces leadership to heed my strategic and tactical advice in this matter, that I wish to discuss today. My focus instead is narrative. Narrative is the source, yes the everspringing fount of our Freedom, that which the founders discovered in the virgin wilderness of this land, that water that feeds the Tree of Liberty, is going dry.

WE THE PEOPLE define our own destiny. That is the core of what I must tell you now. America the idea and America the country are one and the same. What was it that drove the wagons west but the very myth of that immense land, legends created from whole cloth as we spread our vision of freedom to ever greater pieces God's earth torn from decadent empires to become our own? Each pioneer knew that his story was the American story, that his success was American glory. And thus the Tree grew strong.

LIKE CHILDREN we have ignored it. We have played too long in the branches soon to dry out and fall. Why is this, after nearly two hundred and fifty years? Because, dear readers, too many of us have never tasted of the waters of freedom. Worse still, many have drank of it and spat it out. Think of an American flag. Is it burning, or flying half-staff, or is it rippling in the breeze atop the mast of an aircraft carrier? Do you remember D-Day, but not the Bay of Pigs? Do you remember Joe Montana, but not Colin Kaepernick? Do you remember Apollo 11, but have no idea what a superfund site is? Do you remember how both sides in the Civil War were kind of right, because they were both American? If so, do not worry, these are signs not of a aging brain but that you are a freedom lover like me.

DO YOU REMEMBER when Martin Luther King gave his wonderful speech in Washington that united America and told White Americans that they didn't have worry about being called racist anymore? I was only four years old at the time, but I do. That evil word, that ghost conjured during Reconstruction by pre-Nixon Republicans, was put in a tomb by Dr King and forever sealed there by Lyndon Johnson. It uplifts me every day to look at the picture of Dr King on my wall and recite the general outline of what he said, as I recall it: "I have an American Dream..." To those who say I don't know any of the words of that speech I say: do you know the words of the Second World War? I don't, because I don't need to. I have eaten of the fruit of the Tree of Liberty, and I know what these events mean, I know in a way far more visceral and true than those naysayers with their heads stuck in little boxes of facts. But these folk are cunning little dwarves. They have conjured new ghosts, damming and diverting the stream of narrative to irrigate their own gardens. And they call themselves environmentalists!

WORDS are just that. They hint at the Truth, but they are not the Truth. Those who starve the tree of Liberty for their own ends do so with words. Their words are correct, but when you read them you feel ashamed. That is how you know you are not reading the Truth. Imagine, entire cities of Liberals reading the news, knowing that it will make them ashamed, desiring it to! The Truth should sound like a cavalry bugle at Wounded Knee, like bombers flying over your head as you leap off a lander at Omaha Beach. These same Liberals dissect the words of our President, sneering like schoolmarms about facts and grammar. If you feel the rap of their rulers on your knuckles, be proud, for you are one of the brave.

THESE PESTILENTIAL CONTRARIANS are like a child on a mountain who picks up a stone and says: "This is no mountain!" Of course it is not. The stone hints at the mountain, just as every missive from our President is another leaf that hints at the Tree of Liberty. The Liberals will use their words to say that the Tree is decaying, fallen, or not even a tree at all but actually a type of shrub. They will suggest that perhaps not everyone wants to live in a tree, especially the people who sit on the ground under the tree because there is not enough room on the good branches, well actually maybe there is but it would be risky to test it so let's not. They build false Trees, false idols. Look up, not down, brothers, and sisters, listen to the Truth, and remember what makes you proud to be an American.


The Tree of Liberty

DEAR READERS, I would like to address the rumors surrounding my identity. They are true. I am writing under a pseudonym. My full name I have...