Sunday, January 26, 2020

On the inevitability of solipsism (How I Stopped Worrying and Love AI)

The working assumption is that something like the simulation hypothesis holds true. This is the idea that we perhaps are living in some simulacra of some other universe of which the rules of such a universe which were preordained we are not quite privy to. Our attempts at objective truth through science and experimentation could in fact be grasping at straws at what the "creator" had intended for the universe. Though this could in essence be anthropomorphizing  the actions of some AI algorithm beyond any of our puddle-deep consciousnesses, so I do not mean to ascribe some new-age psuedo-religious technobabble to the fore.

In my view, an inevitable consequence of the simulation hypothesis which I rarely see discussed is the idea of selfishness as a byproduct of moving through "levels" of a simulation. It is plausible that humans once replaced with AI will need an outlet for all of our needs : material, sexual, metaphysical, and many more commonplace ones such as a sense of belonging in a community perceive we belong to : such as a shared sense of identity. The advent of AI and the inevitable collapse of capitalism as the prominent paradigm pushing our global economy will eventually diffuse these broad swathes of wealth outward like dye in water.

While this is universally seen as a good thing in the short term, it is also possible to see other phenomena occur during this upheaval. The first being, the travel industry may be adversely impacted which would lead to people lacking the capital to take vacations and explore different regions of the world, the widespread use of translation could lead to more and more of a monoculture in terms of media/acceptable forms of entertainment. The economic ice age will need to be solved by each government individually, and entertainment will become the locus of control as well as a humanitarian service the government should provide along with healthcare and food.

This idea I believe could lead to the proliferation of VR tourism and VR experiencing of something like a Michelin star restaurant. But, I believe this is a microcosm for a more experiential form of VR which would be a 'tunnel' of experiences which are meant to control one's emotions for a given period of time. It could be said nowadays that our Youtube viewing history or Spotify listening history is itself as much of a digital fingerprint of our identity as much as our face. The idea we can now generate music and select what is best points to this idea - that we are what we choose. In the future when we record our memories and experiences and their neural inputs onto platforms such as Snapchat and other people will literally feel what we felt at that time (mixed with their own consciousnesses) this will lead to a hyperparameter optimization on the AI training algorithms which I would call the extinction event. This AI algorithm will determine what types of people need what types of experiences to experience enjoyment, what types of activities they need to remain stimulated in the "tunnel", and what proportion of negative: positive experiences they need to remain engaged with life.

The seduction of meeting something which truly understands you better than you do yourself will lead to higher rates of participation and length of time inside of the "tunnel". This tunnel will eventually morph from experiences to 'arcs'. 'Arcs' like story arcs will generate stories from the experiences of others' consciousnesses blended with a unique array of our parameters needed to maintain participation. The truth is that the most complicated thing in this universe as I see it is how the arcs blend together , the weight we give each arc in our own lives and how that contributes to a greater meaning. Once the 'tunnel' connects the beginning of one's life to it's end - we will have become extinct. In essence : In the future, we'll all live in the past.

Conjecture based on objective thought is boring . Boo to the business world  - let your mind drip.

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