Monday, January 27, 2020

Coronavirus Recap 2020-01-27: Let's Hope Asympomatic Transmission Is A Myth

CDC Map, updated January 27, 2020.

Mayor Says "5 Million" may have fled Wuhan before City Shutdown

In a statement, the mayor of Wuhan said that due to a "combination of Chinese New Year's travel and coronavirus-related reasons," 5 million Wuhan residents have left the city before travel restrictions were placed. This news is very worrying because previously, Chinese officials have stated that it's possible for the virus to transmit before symptoms appear. If this is indeed true, then there are many, many more opportunities for the virus to pass on from one person to another and to mutate and became either deadlier or easier to transmit. Right now no other country has reported a severe outbreak of coronavirus infections yet, but we will wait for the numbers to come in the next few days. 

Virus Spreads To Germany

The very first case of the Wuhan coronavirus has been found in Germany. Currently all we know is that the man is from a small town immediately south of Munich, and that he is currently under isolation (like most other confirmed International cases of the coronavirus). It is currently unknown where the man has been prior to coming down with the virus, or what his movements and contacts are since he landed in Germany.

CDC: Treat Preventive Measures like any other respiratory virus

The Prevention and Treatment page for the coronavirus, hosted on the CDC's website, looks like a typical cold & flu prevention page for any major health and illiness-related website. The CDC recommends frequent hand sanitation using either soap or alcohol, avoid face-touching, avoid contact with others who may be contagious and stay home if you suspect that you are coming down with an illness yourself. It is interesting to think that if the coronavirus been just this winter's flu, but the exact same number of people were infected and passed away, if people would have batted an eye at the situation. 

The Pre-Fabricated Hospital China's Building in Wuhan Seems to Come Around Nicely


Source: People's Daily
Remember the 1,000-bed hospital that China started building a few days ago? It seems to come around a little bit since I last saw construction images, which were a little more than an enormous empty dirt patch with hundreds of loaders, tractors, and trucks on it. The People's Daily is posting updates to the construction site and you can also check out construction progress in real time on CGTN's Youtube Page (link to yesterday's 10-hour livestream). The government plans to have it open and ready by February 3rd, and while I'm still skeptical, the one thing that China's really good at is throwing a ton of people at a problem, and this is certainly something you can get economies of scale for.

Threat of Coronavirus Tanks Stock Markets

...And finally, in a non-human-interest story, the threat of Coronavirus means that fewer people are traveling, gathering, and generally spending money. AP News reported that the DJIA fell approximate 1.5%, or 450 points. Understandably, tourism- and travel-related businesses were impacted the most. This could also be compounded with a shortened holiday season that saw resort operators get hit the heaviest.

If the coronavirus continues unabated, we could certainly see further financial impacts as citizens limit human-to-human contact and fewer people travel, go to the movies, go to concerts, and generally curb spending.

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